BHoD’s Styling Services

BHoD’s Styling Services

#BHoD’s a business of blessed styles & many different creations of all kinds!

Contact the stylist by phone or book an appointment via the BHOD’s Official Facebook Page.

Men Styles

Duration Varies: $35-$125-Dreads, lining, treatments, etc.

Relaxer & Styles

30 minutes and up: $35-$70-Chemical relaxer, texture kits, etc.

Kid’s Styles

Duration Varies: $25-$65-Natural Kids braids, curls, ponytails, etc.

Natural & cuts, colors

Duration Varies: $45-95-Silk press, cuts, colors, etc.


Duration Varies: $65-$150-Install, sew-ins, glue-in, etc.


Duration Varies: $55-$175-Regular, jumbo, medium, box, twist, crochets, dreads, etc.

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